24PCS /PACK ( 80-90-100 )




SHORT PP PANT group 2 - 18PCS.

Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish Line

This past fall Dr. Brown released their new Designed to Nourish toddler line, a new set of feeding and storage products designed to help parents create their baby food. Products included portioned plates, snack cups, training cups, bowls and utensils. Our blender, food masher, food storage pods and labels.

Now they've created their own blog of the same name. The Designed To Nourish Blog features recipes and nutritional information to help parents create the perfect baby and toddler food, using the new products. It's actually a very informative blog, full of long posts describing the benefits of certain foods at certain stages.

We here at Baby Chic 101 really love the Designed to Nourish Line products, especially the toddler cups. Here is a picture of one sitting on my friend's table. Looks so stylish next to the Boon Snack Ball.

Best Toys, Gadgets, & Gift For That Baby in Your Life

Since it will be baby's first Christmas, we thought it would be fun to show you our favorite and must-have baby toys, baby gadgets, and ideas for gifts for anyone who's pregnant or has a baby!

So here's a new video from my "baby channel" on Youtube...with me and baby!

These are our tried and tested baby favorites that you may love too. And all the toys are under $20 too!

Here's the video, but I'll also put the links below here for each thing too and a little extra comment of why we like it.

*in case anyone wants to know where I got these, at
The reason I'm making sure you know I got it online is- we went to the Walmart store after we got the little laptop to get one for my neice, and found out that it's not at all the stores, but it is online. Don't want you to have an upset lil' niece like I did! ha ha ha

(and their under $20 yay!)

1. Baby Einstein Caterpillar Fun Bundle (rattle, teether, ball, and baby "ipod")-
this is a super deal for 4 toys, and the little ipod that plays classic music is our favorite

2. V-tech Pink Baby Learning Laptop
she loves my laptop, so this is great- she can bang on all the keys on hers and it won't break!
(They have this same one at Toys R Us for like $20, but it's at Walmart for $13!)

3. Bright Starts- Drop & Giggle Giraffe
My 4 and  6 year old, Blake and Alani, love this toy too! ha ha ha

4. V-tech Touch & Learn Musical Bee
*THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! She really like riding in the car (which is weird, all my other kids loved the car), but every she has this in the car with her, we put it on the "night time" mode, and she falls right asleep. And on daytime mode, this makes diaper change time so much easier, she holds the bee and I can change her diaper without her trying to crawl away. I think I'm going to buy another one, just in case something happens to this one! ha ha ha

5. Vtech Move & Crawl Electronic Activity Ball
This is so fun. It really wobbles all around.

-every one of my friends, and me- love these!
I had a lavender one for Alani, gave it away. A blue one for Blakey, and now we got a new Turquoise one for Elyse. Bumbo calls it Aqua, I love turquoise, so you say tomato, I say turquoise! ha ha ha
This is a must have for every mama!

SUMMER INFANT- BabyTouch Digital Color Video Monitor
I bought this when I was pregnant, and I bought the old "sound only" monitor, because I didn't know if it was worth the extra money. I returned that sound only one, as soon as I used this. It's AMAZING! Not only can you see if they are moving around, have kicked a blanket off, or you can see if they wake up and are not making noise, but are sitting up or moving around.
I LOVE THIS MONITOR! And have told all my friends that this is a MUST have for your baby registries or a baby essential- it's worth every penny. No interference. No hearing you neighbors phone calls because the old monitors pick it up. So many times with the old monitor, when Alani and Blake were babies, they would be asleep- the monitor would start screeching from interference or you'd hear someone's phone call get picked up on the monitor and WAKE THEM UP! This has NEVER happened once with monitor in all the 10 months she's been alive and we've used it!

And I love how she stared at the camera and just smiles in this video! ha ha ha She just melts my heart!
Hope she makes you smile too! Let me know if you like seeing these kind of video too!
Big hugs from me and little hugs from baby, kandee



The BabyBjorn Highchair

This is one of the easiest highchairs to assemble that I have ever come across. Seriously. You just take it out of the box, snap the 4 legs on and then pull the collapsed unit apart until it clicks. This is important to me, as I have spent hours assembling strollers, highchairs and other baby products, many of which also required calls to the company's help line. None of that was needed here.

It's heavier than it looks, which is good. The leg in particular are heavy, and that prevents it from being knocked over by a child (in or out of the seat). But the best feature by far is the movable tray and child lock. As you can tell, there is no harness with this highchair. This is because of the tray and child lock, which take the place of the harness.

When you place a child into the highchair, you should place the tray close to the child’s body. This prevents the child from being able to get out (it also inadvertently prevents food from ending up in their lap). Once the table is close enough to the child, you use the two-step lock to hold it in place. This is cleverly positioned under the tray, which keeps it out of the child's reach.

And as easy as it is to put together, it also folds up easily. When totally collapsed, the highchair will fit easily into a corner. Although it is fairly small to begin with, so there isn't much of a need for this unless you have a very tiny kitchen.

BabyBjorn has only had this highchair out for about year now and already it has won two awards. Junior Magazine awarded it "Best High Chair Design" this year in their Junior Design Awards. Practical Parenting also awarded it first place highchair in their annual Best Baby Product Awards.

Surf's Up in the Bathroom Dude

 Blaker catching some gnarly waves in the bathroom sink...he even brought his little, I mean "surf board" into the bathroom. He washed his hands and made an ocean in the sink.
And this is surfer dude.
AKA The Huck Doll- he has velcro on the bottom of his feet, that "velcro" to the velcro on his surfboard.

 Who said bathrooms aren't fun....we have Surfin Safari's goin' on in ours!

Alani had her turn playing in the sink too, but instead of a Surf Session, hers was more like a Princess Swimming Party...everyone from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty went for a "sink swim"...

We have the cleanest little plastic doll people and surfer dudes around....
some people want beach front property...I've got a "seaside sink"...ha ha ha ha
i love my lil surfer dude and dudette.
sinks up dude!   your kandee

It's Cyber Monday Baby!

Get ready for the biggest cyber shopping sales of the year- CYBER MONDAY!
All from the safety of your cozy couch.
*no crowds  (no crazy ladies with pepper spray spraying other shoppers so they won't get her x-boxes)
*no trying to find parking
*you don't even need to get dressed or brush your hair....because it's time for CYBER MONDAY!
Shop online til you drop offline!

I've got the scoop on some of the hottest Cyber Monday deals on all things, toys, games, video games, shoes and clothes for babies, kids, and even video games for the teens!

Get to clickin and savin'.

 AMAZON'S CYBER MONDAY DEALS WEEK is going to last all week long. Check out their crazy deals on TOYS, GAMES & BABY THINGS and redonkulous discounts on Cyber Monday VIDEO GAMES!

PediPed is offering Buy One - Get One 50% any pairs of shoes!

OLD NAVY - Cyber event is Sunday and Monday plus take an additional 30% off your order with coupon code: HUGECYBER

NAARTJIE- One of my favorite clothing companies for babies and kids will be having a MONDAY only 50% off sale!!! Their clothes are sooooooo cute!!!

FISHER-PRICE- will be celebrating Cyber Monday deals for 6 days- 20% off your entire purchase with FREE shipping on orders over $75.

WAL-MART is offering up some dealios for Cyber Monday too!

Even my favorite cleaning products, MRS. MEYERS, will be having FREE SHIPPING all day!!! Load up on all the yummy holiday scents!!!

Oh man, I forgot:
AlbeeBaby- has pretty much every carseat of booster you'll ever want. They have my favorite, Britax for up to 30% off today- The Britax Boulevard 70 and Britax Advocate, in the Zebra what I'm eye-ballin!

Pretty much everywhere is going to have crazy cyber monday deals, but here were just some of my favs!

Feel free to share this, post this, pass the saving-news along!

Happy Cyber Monday....yay for shopping without needing to buckle everyone in carseats, trying to find parking, getting everyone out of the carseats!
love and yay for shopping from your couch drinking hot chocolate.... your kandee

Suri and Honor wear Eliane et Lena

Eliane et Lena has long been a staple in wardrobe of Hollywood tots. Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Katherine Heigl and Heidi Klum have all purchased this line for their children over the years. Just this past week Suri was once again spotted wearing her Eliane et Lena Delicieuse Coat and Honor was seen playing in an Eliane et Lena Isadora Tulle Skirt.

Saturdays at my house....

 We make smoothies for breakfast....
then I baked mac n' cheese with bread crumbs for lunch...with clementine oranges (they look like baby oranges, so they kids love them)...
the kids are so precious...Alani found the mask I used in the Flo costume video and she out with it on, and Blaker found my "hill billy" hat- that has long hair attached to it. They both made me laugh so hard...
I'm not quite sure who or how this picture got taken of the baby and was on my phone...
I do know, that I don't understand why boys are so messy when it comes to peeing in the toilet. I know that I don't really like cleaning up pee. And I cleaned some "escape pee", that a little man left for me.

I did not leave the house today.  But I did make some videos...
I am very tired it's 2:12 am....
Good Nighty Night night or good morning morn morn....
huge hugs, love and a bathroom that now smells like Mrs. Meyers Basil Scented Bathroom Cleaner...
your sleepy friend Kandee

PS. I am praying for all of you that might need some extra prayer for a hard week. I love ya!

Look Who's 10 months old!

Officially she passed the 10 month mark 3 days ago...and it now an official 10 month old!
She has been bringing smiles and joy for 10 months now, and it feels like she was just a little tiny baby wrapped like a burrito and I would just hold her all day!

See she had her flower on her headband for about .2 seconds...then shortly after the top picture, she removed that too! ha ha ha

PS Her outfit is another cutie we got from Gwen Stefani's Mini Harjuku line at Target! We LOVE, love, lOve...the whole line!

We busted out our Christmas decorations last today I'm gonna try to decorate with the kids, and try to film some fun "holiday" videos at nap time- I hope! ha ha ha
hot chocolate and twinkly lights, your kandee

Alanis Morissette and family shop for toys

Singer Alanis Morissette and her husband Mario Treadway got in some early holiday shopping last week at Toy Crazy in Malibu. Their son Ever rides in a Kokopax Eco-Classic Carrier.

Outfits of the Day & Cray Cray

This is how we dress for Thanksgiving....
*Read this as if you are a correspondent/host on E!...
Alani is all decked out in her Christmas dress from Gwen Stefani's Mini Harajuku line at Target. (yeah, I know it's not Christmas, but why just wear a dress on Christmas when it's so cute!)..She also has on her plaid Mini Harajuku jacket. Black legging from Target...and her fav, Flex Elizabeth PediPed patent leather and suede boots with the satin bow laces,

 Blaker, who holds still for about .001 seconds, is wearing his new Mini Harajuku shirt (I told you we went crazy when we saw this line!), Denizen jeans (they are the "cool guy jeans" line for boys at Target), studded belt we bought at the Melrose Trading Post, "tent of $5 belts and sunglasses", and the turquoise VANS he picked out.
 Blakey took these blurry "outfit" of the day of baby...the other ones are so blurry you can't tell what she is. ha ha ha
 As you can't tell in the picture, she is wearing a pink and white striped romper suit, with a hood from Old Navy, other other favorite place for little clothes. And the holiday mary jane socks, from Trumpette's line at Target.
 This is what Jordan and my grampa wore....ha ha ha ha. Look how tall Jordan is...I think he grows by the minute. I think he just measured at 6 feet tall and growing.

My favorite....we spent Thanksgiving at my gramma's. No matter how old you are, you feel like a little kid at gramma's. All the troubles of the world melt away, and I just felt safe, cozy, and like the world is ok. And we had 3 different pies and desserts!

Then we went to the movies, I wanted to see the Muppets, but the kids wanted to see Arthur Christmas. So we saw Arthur Christmas, which was really cute, and pretty funny- the brother with the Christmas Tree goatee and the crazy grampa Santa was my favorite.
* we drove home, I wondered if people would be camping out for the crazy Black Friday sales that go on here in the US, where things are like 99% off! ha ha ha
There were hundred of people camping outside of Best'd think they were giving out $500 in cash with every $200 tv! ha ha

And as I posted on doesn't pay to save $200, but have a $400 bill from your broken arm you got fighting people off at the sales. Did you hear of that lady that was spraying other shoppers with pepper spray at Wal-Mart, so they wouldn't beat her to the sales stuff!? CRAY CRAY!!!

They should call it GREEN friday...because all the green they make! ha ha ha

friday-ly yours, kandee


Kimberly Stewart strolls with Cybex

Kimberly Stewart was spotted leaving an LA area hospital earlier this week with new baby daughter, Delilah. The baby rides in a Cybex Aton car seat and a Cybex Callisto stroller.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'd like to wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! And an early happy Black Friday!

Thanksgiving pasts....

Happy Thanksgiving!
 (this was my sister, Tiffany and year at Thanksgiving- the funny thing is, I was pregnant last Thanksgiving and she is pregnant this Thanksgiving! ha ha...she made me a shirt last year that said "FAT TURKEY"...ha ha ha...)

I am so thankful for so many things like my family...because I know what it's like to not have the ones you love with you.
I am thankful for food...because I know what it's like to not have any.
I am thankful for a home...because I know what it's like to not have one.
I am thankful for a car...because I remember when I didn't have one, and I would've been excited as if you had given me a Merecedez,  if you gave me an old Pinto with 4 different wheel and it was painted pea green and hot pink polka dots- I would've been sooooo excited!

I am so thankful for God's blessing in my life, I am excited I get to be a part of your day and hopefully bring some happiness to your day.
I am thankful for my parents... and I am thankful for babies. The greatest blessings in my life are: Jordan, Alani, Blake and Elyse...

I am thankful for God giving me hope even when I don't think it's possible....

WORST THANKSGIVING: I remember, when I first got married when I was young and had moved far away, my husband and his friend both bought plane tickets to fly home, but didn't buy me one. I spent Thanksgiving with no food, except a jar of peanut butter, all alone, just sad and crying. So I am extra thankful for every Thanksgiving that's not like that one! ha ha ha ha 
BEST THANKSGIVING: When to my sister's, hubby's family's home in San Diego. Their home has a beautiful view of the ocean. The table was beautifully set. I love their light, over the table- I love all Danish furniture and lighting. The food was delicious and we opened little party poppers placed at the table with little jokes, trinkets, and paper crowns inside!

Huge hugs and I wanted to share a special message of hope and My Story...when I didn't have food and many other things were going wrong... It was hard to talk about some things and I can't get into too many details but I wanted to share that my past has had some pain, but I hope it encourages and inspires someone that may be going through some hard times too...and why I was ALWAYS be so thankful...

Click here to see me cooking my FAVORITE THANKSGIVING RECIPE and you get to meet my dad!

Thankfully yours, kandee

Need help finding the perfect gift?

A lot of cool places have posted gift guides for 2011. Here are a few of the best.

Toys R US
The Little Style File
Right Start
Big City Moms

How to dress the whole family in Turkey Costumes

This is the cutest lil' turkey I've ever seen!
I could just "gobble gobble" him up!

You can get a little turkey baby suit like this from: Lil Characters

So, another Thanksgiving is about to roll around...and you wan to add some extra pizazz to make this turkey day a little more memorable-
well nothing says UNFORGETTABLE like dressing in costumes to make things FESTIVE!!!

You can outfit your lil' gobbler in this suit from:

3. THE TURKEY DAD (or mom)
Because everyone should wear a turkey suit to the dinner table.
Get your turkey legs into one of these suits and I GUARANTEE that no one will forget this Thanksgiving EVER!
You can order this gobble-gobble good costume HERE.

4. The Turkey Dog
I'm not sure about this turkey dog suit. It look like a "banana-corn"- a mix between a unicorn and a banana...what turkey has a banana growing between it's eyes! ha ha ha
The tail feathers look nice though.
If you want your dog to look like a "banana-corn-key"...
you can get one of these by Puppe Love

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
And stay tuned for our famous Thanksgiving song!

gObbLe gObBle.... kandee


Maclaren launches 2012 collection

Growing Your Baby has a complete run-down and a lot of pictures of Maclaren's new 2012 collection. Here is quick recap of the new stuff.

- A permanent universal 5-point safety harness, a tether strap, foot operated linked brakes, and a protective head and foot barrier on all from birth models starting in 2012.

- The Techno XLR will now feature a carrycot instead of a car seat adaptor. Fresh new color options - medieval blue/lemon drop, medieval blue/blush pink and medieval blue/soft blue.

- The new Globetrotter stroller will finally makes its US debut. It's a small stroller, between the Volo and Triumph.

- Three new Volo colors – festival fuscia, blue atoll and jelly bean green

- Two new Triumph colors, black and medieval blue. Twin Triumph also comes in black now.

- The Quest has been totally redesigned for 2012. It's not usable from birth and has a more quilted fabric. 3 new color combinations - black/silver, medieval blue/scarlet and charcoal/mocha bisque.

- That's the new Techno Twin color above (with some new liners). It is called champagne and it will also be available in the Techno XR. Another new Techno XR color is Persian rose.

- 30 new seat liners and footmuffs, some of which are expandable. Also a new cup holder.

Super Feel Good, Look Good Smoothie

I blend up this smoothie almost every morning...
It's so jam-packed with'll look slimmer, feel better, and your skin is going to look great too!
It's got kale, which is one of the most nutritionally dense foods with, beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and reasonably rich in calcium.

When I drink this baby, I am not craving sweet, I feel full (normally my appetite it a little ridiculous)..and the benefits...
it's makes my skin look great, it's let me shed some pounds instead of eating a cinammon roll! ha ha

I try to drink at least one smoothie a day here's just one of my favorite recipes:

8-10 ounces Coconut Milk (So Delicious Organic Coconut Milk)
1/2 or whole banana
2 giant leaves of kale (or basically a handful rinsed and torn in half)
about a 1/4 cup of blueberries
2 Tablespoons ground flax seeds (Spectrum Organic Ground Flax Seeds)

*flax seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and a great non-fish alternative
Flax seeds have tons of fiber, reduce inflammation in the body, lower cholesterol, can help reduce cancer, help with everything from migraines to hot flashes, click here to learn more in fancy talk.

Put it all in a blender, my personal fav is my VitaMix blender, it is one of the best investments I've ever made...I use it sometimes 4 times a day, smoothies, sauces, more smoothies, can even make soup in it, and it comes out hot!

Start it on variable 1, then move it up to the highest and I blend for about 45 seconds. Or if you have a regular blender, just blend til it's smooth....
and enjoy!

Watch, you'll eat less junk food, your energy is going to be amazing, your going to look better, feel better, and probably drop some unwanted fat, that those donuts and fried food have donated to you! ha ha ha

cheers to smoothies and feeling good, your kandee

The Phil & Ted's Optimum

An infant car seat that flips into a convertible car seat. Yes, it has been invented. Sadly it's not coming to the US. But New Zealand, the UK and the rest of Europe will be getting it soon. The Optimum is about launch and it will certainly have a big impact.

And another first! This will be the first and only convertible car seat that is travel system compatible sold in NZ, UK and Europe, as the Orbit and Combi models aren't sold there.

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