My top 10 new products of 2011

These are my favorite products (in no particular order) that came out in 2011. Tomorrow I will make a list of the products I most look forward to in 2012.

The Bugaboo Donkey

The 4Moms Origami

The Skip Jonathon Adler Bags

Bebe au Lait's Lille Collection

Orbit's Color Packs

The BabyBjorn Highchair

Itzy Ritzy's Wrap & Roll

Skip Hop's Complete Sheet Collection

Oxo Tot's Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set

The Phil & Ted's Nest

Do you know what you were doing a year ago? I do...

last year at this time (well, I'm blogging this at 11:25 pm on the December 30th, so technically this is what I was doing a year ago, on this day...but by the time I post this it will be the you get the idea....) A year ago, give or take a few hours, this is what I was doing....

1. I was big and pregnant and ready to have a baby pretty soon.

2. I had just gotten something exciting in the mail, which I open up with you in the video below.

3. I love seeing lil Blaker crawl by in the background in his lil jammies.

4. I can't believe that it was almost 1 year ago that I had cupcake. let's travel in time...and see what I posted one year ago...!

Hooray last day of 2011!!!

huge love and from your virtual time blog-machine, huge from the past and future, your kandee

What can you spot in Tia Mowry's kitchen?

Actress Tia Mowry posted this photo on Twitter of her kitchen, now that her son has taken over. I see a Skip Hop Playspot, a Fisher-Price Oceans Wonder Jumperoo, a Prince Lionheart Bebepod and Bright Starts Lion in the Park Gym. old are you?

In this picture: Elyse, Me and My Great Grammy

We celebrated my Great Grammy's birthday.....and me and my sister were trying to make grammy feel younger...As you can see by the cake below...and the matching "91" candle that my sister bought, we were turning back time, because as it turns out...Grammy asked, "how old am I?", and me and my sister thought she was 91. BUT, then came my mom with her exact dates, and it turns out, Grammy was turning 92!
 Look at the cake...the person at the grocery store bakery, who wrote on the cake, looked like they were gonna help Grama feel even younger! The "91", they wrote, looks more like a "41" to me!
 Ellie Bellie Boo Bear, inspecting Grammy's chair.

We ate pizza and more cake for dinner. A mean game of monopoly went down with my sister, brother-in-law, my mom, and Jordan (I was on, "watch all the babies patrol", and didn't play)....Jordan won and I cheered for my monopoly champ.

Finished putting clean sheets on my of my favorite things....and now I'm in my furry robe typing this....
huge hugs...and may someone always tell you you're a year younger on your birthday, to at least make you feel better.... your kandee


Kandee On The Ranch

I lost an earring, got rabbit poop in my boot (I have no idea how it got in there), and had such a fun time when we went to our friend Leslie's ranch yesterday. My sister used to work there and help her train horses.

Get your virtual boots on, tighten up your cowboy buckle and come on out to the ranch with us:
 My brave brother-in-law, letting Alani drive them around.
 Look at the beautiful.
 Blakey, who put on his Woody (from Toy Story) hat and shirt. He told me in the car, he wanted a brown horse that he'd name, Black. He also said we have to talk like a "cowbo-ay"...and say things like "okeh-doke" and "yep". And kept asking, "when are we gonna get to the wanch?"....
Our favorite was feeding the horses....
 Alani wore her pink cowboy boots...

 Blakey put his motorcycle glove on, "so the horses won't bite" his hand.
Alani and "little cowboy Woody"...

 Blake was not a fan of the "horse poop" smell and thought it was wise to just cover his nose! ha ha
 He's still covering his nose here....ha ha ha

 The sky was so beautiful....the clouds were like sculptures in the sky. The smell of fresh, crisp, clean air....even the smell of the dirt and sweet, smell of the hay was like perfume to me.
as we drove away down the dirt road....
past the adorable cluster of little old fashioned mailboxes....and looked at the huge sky, the big tin barn that stores all the hay, and big pastures...made me day dream of owning a big ranch. Baking cinnamon rolls, feeding my "dream" horses, sitting on my porch watching the sunset...
and just like when I was little, I would look at "horse supply" catalogs for hours...dreaming of having a big ranch.....

horse poop in your boots...and love in your heart....
from Cowboy Kandee or should that be Cowgirl Kandee

The Paul Frank Foonfs

After the Foonf made its official debut this fall, we were shown the 4 base colors (pink, navy, black and green). Now Clek has revealed the 3 Paul Frank special edition models. Hawk Julius, Heart Shades and Julius Stripe will also be released alongside the other 4 colors when the Foonf hits stores next summer. No actual date has been given for the release, but Clek has revealed some more details about the car seat.

Extreme Gingerbread House Make-Over

We started out with plain on gingerbread houses (which took my sister forever to make the dough, cut out the house shapes, "glue" together, cut out white foam core board for the bases and attach.... I helped cut out house shapes and saw cardboard).

I do not take "before" photos of the gingerbread houses, but I promise you these "afters" are extremely different.
 Our bowls full of candy and treats!
My little niece at work on her house!
 Blakey adding some dazzle to his gingerbread house.
Alani, (and her new, extreme make-over haircut which we all LA-LA-Love) putting a ridge of gumballs on her rooftop. (And yes, that is my preggy sister in the background wielding a bag of royal icing)
 Blakey added some cool licorice ropes to his house.
I am in love with Alani's snowflake trees and trim on her house!
Blakey accidentally knocked over a bowl full of "Christmas Nerds"....which went "bouncing" all over the floor! We all started laughing because these houses turned out to be one of the biggest "messy" projects ever! Me and my sister spent the night vacuuming, sweeping, more vacuuming and sweeping. But it was worth much "messy" fun the kids had!

 Alani's finished "gingerbread house make-over"....
 Blakey's house with his "100" gummy bears in the back. He said 100 people (AKA gummy bears) live in his house.
Alani's backyard and her little candy and candy cane sleigh she made.
And the best one of all, due to sheer 2 and half year old niece, Sydney's miniature gingerbread house...can you see it? ha ha ha ha! Her yard got the majority of decorations!

Huge hugs and tiny gingerbread houses.... love and sweets from my house to yours, kandee

JJ Cole's gear line coming soon

JJ Cole is allowing people to pre-order their new gear line, which is set to debut at select stores next week. The line will include JJ Cole's new Broadway and Monroe strollers, their Newport car seat and their Color Swap canopies for each. Also debuting soon will be their new bedding line and their Satchel diaper bag.

Day After Christmas Haircuts

 Me and baby taking a self-portrait at Snip-Its... (the best place to get kids niece was getting her first haircut)
Alani decided she wanted to cut her hair and get a bob....after making sure a ton of times that, that's what she wanted to do...this was the first cut of her cute little girl bob!
 My lil' niece sitting on my sisters lap, getting her very first haor cut. She got a cute little bob-ish, kinda 1920's vamp cut....that is adorable!
Alani's hair passed the super cute test - it even looked cute after she woke up! Cute Morning hair is a sure sign of a cute hair cut!

huge hugs and cute little bob hair cuts...well on everyone except for me...ha ha ha
your kandee