Avent 2012

Avent introduced two new bottles colors -Pink and Blue. Both are now available in 9oz 3 Packs.

The new 3-in-1 Electric Steam Sterilizer is now available as well.Adjusts to small size to sterilize soothers; medium size forbreast pumps and cutlery; and large size for bottles, nipples and dome caps. Sterilizes contents in six (6) minutes and automatically switches off

Baby Bjorn 2012

One of my favorite new items from ABC was the new red and black color for the Baby Bjorn Highchair, in addition to the already released white one. One of the safest High Chairs on the market, it is equipped with unique safety features to guarantee a child stays securely seated throughout mealtime. In addition to the adjustable safety harness, the High Chair features a safety table that folds and locks to encircle baby, and prevents him from standing in the chair or causing it to tip backward. It's also VERY compact, only ten inches wide when closed up.

Baby Bjorn has also changed it's Travel Light Crib. The Travel Light Crib 2 has a new leg mechanism to facilitate easier break down. The crib sets up in one simple movement creating a seamless bedtime set up. During take down, pull up gently on each leg to release and fold; the legs automatically fold diagonally into place inside the frame which makes folding the crib and placing inside the bag easier.

A new cream and beige color for the bouncer.

A new gray color for the potty line.

We wrote about the new Miracle Carrier before, but it will now come out on October 1. This new baby carrier accommodates newborns without an infant insert, pillow or cushion, and grows to hold a 15 month old using the size adjustment buckle on the inside. It also has a unique waist belt and adjustable back support that allows parents to easily change carrying positions and transfer baby’s weight between their waist, hips and shoulders to relieve pressure points.

Trumpette 2012

Some new new styles and products from Trumpette for 2012, including the new IPad case.

Itzy Ritzy 2012

Itzy Ritzy just launched their new Wrap & Roll, Infant Carrier Arm Pad that turns into a Tummy Time Mat. Right now, they have four different colors available.

A new product that is coming soon is the Mini Reusable Snack Bag, a smaller version of their current one.

Some new colors for the Peek-A-Boo Pod.

How to get your Mac fixed at the Apple Store!

Day 2- at the Apple store...
I know the computer tech by name now....we are friends now.

The store greeter also welcomed me back.

 This was Alani playing a Dora game on the kids computer table while we waited...she loved this game and we even needed a tech to come fix something wrong with this computer! ha ha ha
We took silly pictures while we waited....
I took Blaker to go use the bathroom...I didn't even know they had bathrooms at Apple stores...

We ate vanilla scones and the kids  had little boxes  of organic chocolate milk from the nearby Starbucks...to snack on...

then we got groceries...Blakey weighed all our produce (no one asked and we never weigh it anyway, but her thought it was fun)
When we walked by the meat dept, the man made the chicken legs dance when the kids asked where the heads of the chickens went...I don't know if they thought it was funny or weird.
My little healthy kids...they helped me load our cart with one of our favorite snacks and smoothie ingredients:  Sambazon Frozen Acai.
Blakey loves my smoothies, with the Flax Seeds, Kale and berries.

Everyone is fast asleep as I type this...Today my favorite parts were, playing matchbox cars with Blake, every moment holding baby, when Jordan calls me "kind ma'am", because he's funny, and when Alani came out dressed like a princess and invited me to a ball in her room.

Most every day my heart wants to burst with love and joy...that I get to be the mama to these little blessings...they are my most favorite parts of my day...
huge love and hopefully fixed computers... your kandee

Peg Perego 2012

Peg Perego has a few new items for 2012. The first is their brand new stroller, the Book. It comes in three colors and is one of Peg's most compact strollers ever. It's very easy to fold and maneuver.

The new Siesta highchair can fully recline, allowing it to be used from birth. It also has a removable tray that allows the child to sit with you at the table. But best of all are the "Stop & Go" wheels that allow it to be moved from room to room and then locked into place.

The new Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible is arriving this fall. It can be used from 5-70 lbs in the USA (up to 65 in Canada).

Next will be the Viaggio HBB 120, a booster seat that goes from 40-120 lbs.

A new pad for the highchairs will be sold separately.

Several new colors. I REALLY love the denim.

Icandy 2012

Both the Icandy Peach Jogger and the Strawberry will be coming to the USA next year.

Here are the colors of the Peach Jogger.

The Peach Jogger bassinet.

The Strawberry.

Boppy 2012

Some new Boppy stuff for 2012. First up is a VERY cool new product, the Travel Boppy. No need to take your regular Boppy with you anymore. The Travel Boppy folds up into a small bag and unfolds into a full-size Boppy.

Another new product is the Infant Seat Handle Cushion, a padded arm cushion for easier carrying.

Boppy also has a new nursing cover. It has a SlideLine Ring, which can be moved to track which side mom fed on last. Folds up to fit a tiny mini pouch.

Boppy's newly designed Head and Neck Support. This one is designed for both infants and toddlers, with a removable neck pillow. It's also reversible and has a minky side for winter and a cool cotton side for summer.

Why LA is not as "Dirt-y" as You think!

Leave it to a little boy to find the only patch of dirt on the streets of LA...
My Blaker loves:
this animal muppets shirt
car or trucks
and ofcourse "dandy" -which is better known to everyone else as candy
 Alani even got in on the dirt stomping...but as you can see it didn't last that long...
proves it's just a boy thing! ha ha ah
(and by the way- we did not kick the dirt that is outside of the "dirt square"....it looks like this must be a popular spot for little boys to get their "great outdoors" on, in the city)

love and squares of dirt... your kandee