Boppy 2012

Some new Boppy stuff for 2012. First up is a VERY cool new product, the Travel Boppy. No need to take your regular Boppy with you anymore. The Travel Boppy folds up into a small bag and unfolds into a full-size Boppy.

Another new product is the Infant Seat Handle Cushion, a padded arm cushion for easier carrying.

Boppy also has a new nursing cover. It has a SlideLine Ring, which can be moved to track which side mom fed on last. Folds up to fit a tiny mini pouch.

Boppy's newly designed Head and Neck Support. This one is designed for both infants and toddlers, with a removable neck pillow. It's also reversible and has a minky side for winter and a cool cotton side for summer.