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Great Maternity idea- rental pregnancy clothes!

 (me in my various degrees of pregnancy- and the best part...not one of these shirts is a maternity shirt-just big normal shirts!)
this is such a great idea- which I, and I'm sure others have thought of- rental maternity clothes!
You rent all kinds of clothes you're not gonna wear again- prom dresses, costumes, even wedding dresses...and who wants to wear maternity clothes when you're not "maternity" anymore! ha ha
No one wants to wear pregnant clothes when you're not pregnant anymore, because it just makes you look pregnant! ha ha ha
Well, unless you buy some big shirts from the non-maternity section, like I did.
H & M, and Old Navy is where I went to buy normal clothes in big sizes to fit over my belly!

So if you know someone who's preggy and is in need of some pregnancy clothes, but doesn't want to spend a bunch of money....hit if Old Navy or send them this cool link to just "borrow" some pregnancy clothes for cheap, see click here: www.minefornine.com
(I'm gonna go post this on my pregnant sisters facebook...hee hee)

Who want a closet full of gathered, pleated or "wrap" style pregnancy shirts....? ha ha ha

now they just need one called, "stylish-funky-trendy-and-don't-wanna-wear-any-ugly-maternity-clothes"...ha ha ha

glad I just gave my sister the last of my maternity clothes...she has her own maternity company, called, kandee's pregnancy klothes...ha ha ha
hugs bigger than a pregnant belly, kandee




Pink Beards and a Sundae Buffet

 Saturday went a lil' somethin' like this...
Beard Contest thatta' way...
(I love how Blakey posed when he asked me to take his picture...ha ha ha)
My favorite was the guy with the hot pink beard (in honor of breast cancer awareness month)...
he said he just sprayed it pink with temporary hair color...makes you wish you had a beard huh, ...ok maybe not...
 Me and baby posing in front of Kit Carson while a random little boy was throwing some things that fell from the trees at my legs...that's why I'm making a weird face...
 i like how it specifies that size counts only in "longest" and "fullest"...ha ha ha
 This guy looked liked he walked out of a Western movie...I loved his beard and his outfit!

 then...since Blakey loves trains, we went on the Train Ride...it only looped around the station a few times, but Blakey loved it...
 and baby made everyone laugh showing her toothless gums! I love this face!
and finally we go stuff to make homemade enchiladas at my gramma's house...and
ice cream goodies to make a "make-your-own-ice-cream" Sundae buffet......

we played train rides on gramma's porch...alani and blake would ask for our tickets, stamp them, then ask where we wanted to go...they made my mom wear a funny straw hat with shells and buttons glued on it and I got to wear an old straw cowboy hat that had holes in it..I probably still have little straw pieces in my hair.

trains, planes  and we rode in an automobile... kandee

Christina Milian's Ferrari stroller

Yes, Ferrari does make strollers. And you can get them in the US. Just like Christina Milian did for her daughter Violet, who was spotted riding in the Ferrari Ironman Stroller at the Los Angeles zoo last week.

Medela's new blog

Medela has launched "Medela Moments", a new blog dedicated to educating and supporting breastfeeding mothers. The blog will serve as a resource for expectant and nursing moms who are seeking breastfeeding tips and advice from experts in the field. It covers topics such as tips and solutions, breastfeeding issues, going back to work, pregnancy tips, and pumping tips.

Hello Morning, Kitty & Cupcake

Saturday Mornings....
(I actually took this picture about 7 minutes ago)
My little dolly has on her new jammmies with 2 of my favorite things:
Hello Kitty
This is reason 2,498 why I love Old Navy...
they make cute baby clothes....
these Hello Kitty Cuppycake pajamas are too adorable

...and yes, we use pacifiers as chew toys....

Happy Saturday... from Kandee, her Cupcake and Hello Kitty

One of a Kind Bugaboo Cameleon by Zakee Shariff

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of the Bugaboo and (RED) partnership this October, Bugaboo collaborated with (BUGABOO)RED ambassador and British artist Zakee Shariff to design an exclusive stroller to be auctioned off on eBay. The stroller, plus two canvas prints of Zakee Sharrifs exclusive design, will be offered in a single auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to The Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.

You can bid here on the stroller.

World's BIggest Donut

Ok, this is the biggest donut I've ever seen!
When we saw this donut....I knew Jordan would love it....
the rest of us got "normal" sized donuts!
But Jordan loved it and even took it to his friends house to show him! ha ha ha
this was me trying to take a picture with my hand in it, to show you the size comparison....
this was my first picture, but I thought...that just looks like a normy sized donut in a little box! ha ha ha

And with all my editing problems last night, you better believe I wish I had a box full of sprinkled cake donuts to eat my frustration away! ha ha ha

donuts bigger than your head.... kandee

Win a 4 piece custom crib bedding set from Carousel Designs

A Carousel Designs custom crib bedding set is being given away at Coochicoos (winner can choose from using their fabulous Nursery Designer tool to design their own bedding or order one of their pre-designed bedding sets. Must enter by midnight tonight!


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We're 9 months old!

I can't believe Elyse, my lil Cupcake is 9 months old already! 
I can't believe she'll be 1 year old in 3 little months.
I took the picture above, when she was on my lap the other day....and I just wanted to stare her her precious little face....
and yes, I blogged some of the pictures my mom took of us at lunch the other day at Joan's on 3rd....but this lil face is just too cute...

I cannot believe she has been bringing so much joy into our lives for the last 9 months...
it feels like it was not long ago that I was tweeting when I was up late because I couldn't sleep and was thinking if I should call my midwife or not...because maybe I was in labor! ha ha ha

Oh this little precious just melts my heart- she melts all our hearts...and I just thank God for this little gift of joy!

9 months worth of hugs....from kandee

Launch Of The Great Giggle Giveback To Benefit Baby Buggy

I attended the The Great Giggle Giveback's Launch To Benefit Baby Buggy party at their new Santa Monica store last night and here are some great pictures I took! Well, not that great. I couldn't get the lighting right. Wire Images has some awesome ones though.

Home Sweet Home

 I am home from the Big Beautylish Beauty Social weekend...
I have piles of laundry, groceries that need to be bought, bags that need to be unpacked, videos that need to be edited...and I had a dream last night that somehow I had like 7 kids instead of just 4 and I was so exhausted from my dream, when I woke up I felt tired still!

I am scared to go check my emails- I haven't been able to check em for a few days and it's just going to be pages and pages and pages and pages and pages- and it makes me tired just thinking about it- so I'm gonna stop thinking about it for now!
 (notice the LA chic-styled, guy in the background...LA celeb style man-beanie, lots of layers of things and the ESSENTIAL sunglasses--I'm not sure why he had a beanie, scarves and jackets on- it was not cold outside ha ha ha)
But this is at one of my all-time favorite places to eat in LA (I blog about it everytime I go there! ha ha)...it's Joan's on Third, which is on 3rd Street ofcourse! ha ha
My favorite part is the desserts and their food is so yummy!!!
Here's lil Elyse sitting in her high chair at Joan's....I think the first time she sat in her high chair was at Joan's! (yep, I blogged about it HERE- if you wanna see)

I better go...I have sooooo much on my to-do list!

Typing with messy hair and no make-up from Alani's bedroom...(laptop means I can make any room my office- ha ha ha)... your very un-glamorous looking kandee

Stokke Bounce N Sleep coming next month

I posted about the new Stokke Bounce N Sleep when it hit Europe this earlier summer. Now the USA will get their turn next month. Watch the video above to see a preview.

There's gonna be a new baby in the family!

 We are gonna have a new baby in the family!
And when I say we.....I mean my sister.
But my mom always told us to share, so.........
and since I have wayyyy more babies than my sister, it's time she tries to catch up! ha ha ha Just kidding.

Yes, I was finally given the thumbs up to share that my lil sissy is officially a baby garden, baby oven, baby basket...you get the idea- my sister is 3 months pregnant! hooray!

I am so excited for my sister and my precious brother-in-law! (he is almost exactly like me...that's why she married him! ha ha ha...just kidding, but without fail whenever we go anywhere, it's me and my brother-in-law that always order the same exact thing, that no one else is ordering! Or we'll tell my sister the same advice or opinion! ha ha ha)

My sister asked my lil Niece, Sydney who is 2 and a half,
"Do you want a little brother or little sister?"
SYDNEY replies:
"hmmmmm, I want a pizza!"

So excited...and I hope she has a girl so I can give her all Cupcake's fun girly clothes and toys! And my sister found out she was pregnant right after I had just given all the baby's little baby things  to my 2 pregnant friends! ha ha ha

Good thing she hurried up and told me she was going to have a baby!

To my sister: I love you and I can't wait to see this precious lil baby....I'll be your labor coach! I'll  make you laugh-all-through-your labor..ha ha ha ha

hooray for a new niece or nephew!!! Auntie Kandee

If you are looking for Halloween fun

Then check out Giggle N Hugs in Los Angeles on Halloween night. Lots to do, including arts and crafts, trick-or-treat bag decorating, trick-or-treating around the mall, a costume contest and even an after party.

Baby and Me Outfit of the day!

 Me and lil Cupcake heading to the Beautylish Beauty Social on Saturday...
she is wearing: (the cutest baby) leopard leggings from Target, a hand-me-down shirt from my neice, a fur vest we got at Old Navy, and a little "cupcake" like tulle hair clip, and I can't remember where we got her sockies!
on me: vintage giant "stud" looking earrings, shirt from some store on Melrose, and my very special, vintage Turquoise Squashblossom that's from Santa Fe...

I really wish Target had made these pink baby leggings in bigger sizes...
and Old Navy has the cutest baby stuff...the only problem is that everyone else must love it too, because they are always sold out of the sizes we need! ha ha

Leopard leggings and hair clips that look like icing, kandee

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There is only about a week left in the Red Tricycle Awards, so please vote for us if you haven't! Also ask your friends and family to do so. Thanks!

Britax acquires B.O.B. Trailers

Britax announced this past week that they have acquired B.O.B., the famous jogging stroller company. Britax has been looking for ways to expand into the stroller market, creating several popular new strollers this year. Buying B.O.B. will allow them to venture further.

It's my understand that B.O.B. will still be around and using the same name. It's just that now they will be closely associated with Britax.

From one of the best places to go in LA:

 This is happy Ellie Bellie (aka Cupcake, aka a lot of other sweetie names)...and no she does not eat bread but it sure was fun to hold and tap it against the table! Ha Ha Ha
There was the cutest little "almost 2 year old" from Australia sitting at the table across from us that was blowing us kisses...and Elyse thought she was hilarious!
At one of my favorite places in LA...the Grove! As you can see by the sign the Cheesecake Factory it there...yumzie, but the line is always too long! ha ha And there tons of little places to eat outside, which the kids always like better.

Strolling around looking at all the fun things, the water show, the trolley car, the huge line that was at the Apple store- for I'm not sure what Apple goodie, the band that was playing music...it's so fun there I just love it!
Happy Saturday everyone!

huge hugs and hooray for SATURDAY!!!! kandee

Beauty Social Baby!

 Look at lil Cuppycake...she's ready for The Beauty Social tomorrow! Look at this onesie!
 I love it when she makes this face!

Happy Friday! We are headed to the Beauty Social Tomorrow...and baby got a jumpstart with this adorable onesie! I am so sad we can't find where her Youtube onesie went! It was adorable!

love those little baby feet....
big hugs from  me and lil hugs from baby... your kandee