Home Sweet Home

 I am home from the Big Beautylish Beauty Social weekend...
I have piles of laundry, groceries that need to be bought, bags that need to be unpacked, videos that need to be edited...and I had a dream last night that somehow I had like 7 kids instead of just 4 and I was so exhausted from my dream, when I woke up I felt tired still!

I am scared to go check my emails- I haven't been able to check em for a few days and it's just going to be pages and pages and pages and pages and pages- and it makes me tired just thinking about it- so I'm gonna stop thinking about it for now!
 (notice the LA chic-styled, guy in the background...LA celeb style man-beanie, lots of layers of things and the ESSENTIAL sunglasses--I'm not sure why he had a beanie, scarves and jackets on- it was not cold outside ha ha ha)
But this is at one of my all-time favorite places to eat in LA (I blog about it everytime I go there! ha ha)...it's Joan's on Third, which is on 3rd Street ofcourse! ha ha
My favorite part is the desserts and their food is so yummy!!!
Here's lil Elyse sitting in her high chair at Joan's....I think the first time she sat in her high chair was at Joan's! (yep, I blogged about it HERE- if you wanna see)

I better go...I have sooooo much on my to-do list!

Typing with messy hair and no make-up from Alani's bedroom...(laptop means I can make any room my office- ha ha ha)... your very un-glamorous looking kandee