Samuel Affleck's first outing

Samuel Affleck, son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, was spotted for the first time ever this past weekend as he strolled with a nanny in Santa Monica. Sameul rides in a Britax B-Safe car seat and a B-ready stroller. The blanket is from Aden + Anais's Diwali bamboo muslin collection.

Must See Movie Review: Chimpanzee

(image: Youtube)

My mom offered to watch my other babies (the ones that are not so much a fan of sitting in a movie theater yet) while me and Alani went to the movies for a "Girls Afternoon Out" the other day.

We held hands as we hurried into the movies.
We raced to get our "traditional movie snacks":
We shared a box of Milk Duds.

And Icee's.
(we don't normally get Icee's, but we went wild!)

At first I thought, oh this probably is going to be like watching the Discovery Channel, but nothing else was playing at the same time, but I was WRONG.
This moving is INCREDIBLE.
When, "THE END", popped up on the screen- I've never felt like I've watched a movie so quickly- I seriously thought, "hey, but we've only been watching for about 15 minutes"...the movie went by so fast because it's just amazing.

From the story of the love between a baby and it's mama to the incredible cinematography- how they film the rain falling on the plants is like nothing the human eye ever sees, to how they capture the jungle glowing at night with the neon plants- is unreal!
To seeing his "unlikely mama", that adopts him!
Seeing the parts of the jungle you never see is so incredibly fascinating.

We laughed, we cried, we saw "awwwww" a lot, we fell in love with baby OSCAR, the chimpanzee.
And then, we couldn't believe it was over already.

I think this movie would be great for kids 6 and over.
Blakey, who is 4, may have thought some of the parts are scary.
They don't show any violent parts, but if you're 4 years old and the Chimpanzee's fight over their territory, it might scare little guys- it get's dark and the Chimpanzee's make loud noises.
Tim Allen, does a great job as the narrator- he makes things funny and some more "intense moments" not so intense- and his voice is really calming to listen to in this movie.

Afterwards, me and Alani talked about how we both cried when Oscar lost his mama. And how much mama's love their babies.

I give this movie 2 "Popcorns Up" (like thumbs but tastier).

PS. One of our favorite parts is when Oscar is learning how to "crack open" the nuts from their treasured Nut Grove under the waterfall.

I love Milk Duds, kandee

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Steal Harper's Style

Victoria Beckham posted this adorable photo of her clothing picks for herself and Harper, while the two are in Hong Kong on business. If you'd like to steal Harper's style, that is Bonpoint's Leslie Thunder Dress and a pair of Hermes Pif booties. The total cost will put you at $385.

My little sis and my lil baby, and her lil baby on the way

This picture may look like it's me, but it's not...
That is my little Elyse, when she was so much tinier.
But that is my sister, Tiffany seeing baby for the first time.
(yes, I know, people have asked us if we're twins our whole lives, but I'm older and wiser by 22 months-hee hee)
My sister is also ready to have her new baby girl in just a couple weeks!
I am so excited.
I hope I can be there to coach her on and encourage her- since I've gone through it 4 times already! ha ha Yesterday, we laughed about pregnancy and labor and I could hear the calm return to her voice again- the best feeling in the world. I've felt like my little "big sister's heart mission", has been to keep my sister safe and happy and calm all her fears.

My plan is to make her laugh all through her labor so she doesn't have time to get freaked out, like she made me laugh while I was on the phone (starting labor with Elyse) with her, waiting for my midwife to get to my house.

I can't wait to see my new little niece and I can't wait to be the "Big Sister Labor Coach". My sister and I have a way of making each other laugh, harder than anyone else...I don't know of too many people that could make me laugh through a contraction but her...and I hope I can do the same for her!

I'm so excited, definitely more excited than my sister probably is about going into labor! ha ha ha
I'm thinking I should do my own "kandee version" of videos (on my other channel (TheKandeeJohnsonShow) like "What to Expect When You're Expecting" but "my style"..ha ha ha

mama kandee

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Saturday Morning Cuddlers

 The best part of Saturday mornings:
no school
hanging out in jammies
all my little cuddle-bears cuddling on the couch
and yummy Saturday morning breakfasts delights- I think I'm gonna whip up some French Toast!

 Blakey giving Ellie a kiss on the forehead....
My little loves sitting on the couch....I think the oldest of my love-bugs is still sleeping- we haven't seen Jordan come out of his room yet! ha ha ha

There is something that just feels different about Saturdays, that I love! Maybe it's that I used to love watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was little, riding my bike while my dad worked in the garage, or knowing that everyone was doing fun stuff!

Happy Saturday everyone, I'm off like a light, to make some French Toast, your kandee

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Tiny Love's Rocker-Napper Debuts

Tiny Love debuted their 3-in-1 Rocker-Napper at Kind+Jugend last fall, and now it has made its way to US stores. The rocker easily converts from a bouncey seat with toy to comfy napper that lays flat. Its soothing movements rock your baby at all three reclining positions.

A little bit of Serendipity 3 in my kitchen....

 awwwww yeah!!!!!
I bought a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate mix pack from NYC when we were at Serendipity 3- the place famous for it's FRRROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE.
And yes, if you've ever seen the movie Serendipity, you will have fallen in love with this place long before you may have even stepped foot inside, like I did!

We put all the ingredients in the blender- and whipped it up just like at Serendipity3! Filled up the mustache mug, topped it off with whipped cream and...... heavenly!!!!
 my camera went all whackadoo and made my picture of Blakey look like this- let's just say it's artsy.
Jordan said it was the best thing and tasted just like if you froze hot chocolate! It was sooooooo good!
What a way to celebrate "post-bath-time"...ha ha ha ha!

And if you've never seen my "Dollar Store DIY MUSTACHE MUG VIDEO" below for some...
( on the YOUTUBE logo in the lower right hand corner to watch it biggie-sized)

stache' mugs full o' frrrrrozen hot choccy, your kandee

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Celebrity Freerider Spotting

The Freerider buggy board from Mountain Buggy is one of the coolest stroller accessories around. It's a kids scooter that not only attaches to back of many strollers, it is also a freestanding scooter by itself. And here is our first celebrity spotting: Liev Schreiber was seen out and about with his two boys in NYC yesterday. While Samuel rides in a Mountain Buggy stroller, Sasha rides on the back with a freerider.

Diary of a Hello Kitty Party....

 Ask for Hello Kitty and Hello Kitty you shall get! Alani- the birthday girl asked for Hello Kitty, well or Ariel, but it turns out Ariel wasn't popular enough to have birthday plates made after her.
I piled balloons and paper lanterns onto the dining table light...and stacked up all her Hello Kitty wrapped presents on the table.
 I got these cute little felt flowers in the dollar section at Target (thanks sister for telling me about these! My creative sister, is actually going to frame them in my neice's bathroom- brilliant idea!)
 And may I present one of the most "interesting" looking cakes. I did not make this cake! And yes, I know I'm going to be uploading my "best chocolate cake and icing recipe" today on youtube, but Alani was in the mood for ice cream cakes! So....we ordered up this cake...

 And now may I present our "ugly" cake! ha ha ha Alani asked for an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins (AKA 31 Flavors)... and usually whenever we've got an ice cream cake from them it's cute. But not this time! ha ha ha It looks like they scraped off the pink icing then re-wrote it all wobbly and hard to read below! ha ha ha ha At least it tasted delicious! And the star candles we stuck in made it look cute!
What is more fun than showing up to school with balloons and bouquets of flowers to make someone feel extra "princessy"!?
 And I had to include this picture of my little Target birthday present-shopping helper. She picked out these rolls of wrapping paper (which we did not really buy) and she carried Alani's princess, gift bag around like a purse! Those moccasins move fast, I tell ya!

We feasted on pizza and cake! Which seems to be everyone's birthday dinner request!

Alani said it was her best birthday ever! And in my heart, I said: "mission accomplished- best birthday ever, until next year!).....

hello kitty and funny looking ice cream cakes, kandee

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Bugaboo's Neon Pop Collection

I got a first look at the Bugaboo Neon Pop collection when I visited their headquarters last January. Now the collection is about to hit stores, with more info coming next month. The above navy/red Cameleon is one of those strollers in the collection and it will come out first. The other one is a Bee, which I believe will be navy and yellow. But that can all change too, so we will see.

Happy Birthday, my precious ,Alani!

 Today my precious, first baby girl, is turning 7.
The moment she was born, my heart grew bigger to hold all my love for her.
She has blue eyes that twinkle, she loves to dance and sing. She puts on shows for us and her sense of style is adorable.
She's a brave and confident little lady, that is already a lil' mother at heart.
I remember taking these pictures of her when she was about 1.
I had sewn the little flower and striped ruffle sleeves onto a tank top, by hand. I glued a big flower onto a pin, then attached it to a headband, and I made her little striped leg warmers.

She stared at me with her big blue eyes (I never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby, but turns out Grampa's with blue eyes and their genes came through)....and what's funny is it feels like it was just a few months ago....not years.
My heart breaks when little girls are mean to her. When they said she was not pretty enough to be in their princess club. I wish I could protect her like I could when she was a baby, safely in my arms- away from anything that could harm her.
I fill her up with confidence, hugs, compliments, and her heart is charged up to deal with everything, not nice in the world!

How I love my little Alani. She has a spark in her heart and I love all the little tickets and invitations she makes to come to her "parties" or "shows" in the living room!

And now I'm off to wrap presents in lots of Hello Kitty wrapping paper- foor her "family party" tonight! Her request was Ariel or Hello Kitty- but Target didn't have any Ariel wrapping paper.

And then, as  is always fun, I will deliver her trays of cupcakes to school- to celebrate with her class! Nothing like giving kids cupcakes before the bell rings! ha ha ha

lots of Hello Kitty decorations, kandee and her birthday girl


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Skip Hop to release stroller liners in May

As we reported a few weeks ago, Skip Hop has created memory foam stroller liners in four different colors. Now, the company has added the product info to their website. Best part: the liner's multiple slots accommodate any stroller strap. That's right, it fits on practically ANY stroller. Look for it in May.

Look Who's 15 Months Old!!

Yesterday officially marked the 15 month mark for Elyse (aka Cupcake- her name everyone nicknamed her while I was pregnant!)...
this was her posing next to the "almost-as-big-as-her-Hershey's-chocolate-syrup"!! You know how I love things that are way bigger or smaller than they should be! ha ha ha

I can't believe she's so seems like not long ago I was still like this.....
And now my sister looks like this....hee hee hee

huge hugs and getting ready for Miss Alani's birthday tomorrow!!!!!
HINT: my chocolate (birthday) cake recipe and tutorial will be on it's way to celebrate!!!

hugs and cake ingredients, your kandee

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My Sister Day!!!

 This is me, "holding" my sister (Tiffany Myers') baby! Well little Miss, and the newest member of our family, will be here sometime next month...and I'm so excited!
I got to see my sister this weekend, which only felt like a minute...but I'll a take a minute over no minutes anytime!
I don't know why, but it just amazes me to see my lil' sister pregnant....I mean we grew up playing "baby dolls"...and pretending we were lil mommies...but I know the miracle and gift of a precious baby that is cozied up, all safely inside her tummy...and it's just AMAZING!
Plus, sister if you're reading this: there's still time to name her after her only Auntie Kandee!
My little lady enjoying the warm Santa Barbara day....and just look at my neice in her bright pink tutu and cowboy boots....I love her fashion sense!

 (Me, just reading with Benjamin Franklin, like usual....I like to hang out with famous men in History)
After we had a yummy breakfast - I had the best blueberry pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup at Jeannine's Downtown- if you're ever in Santa Barbara- try to go there to it! It's so yummy!!!!!
 Elyse loved riding the mini dolphin, and you can see my neice, Sydney riding the bigger dolphin in the background with my brother-in-law, Byron and my sister and her baby belly taking pictures!  We really loved this mini dolphin statue!
 I just adore my lil' niece and her fashion sense- Tutu's, big jewelry and pink cowboy boots! She also loves make-up, and she had even drawn on her eyebrows with what looked like one of my sisters red lip liners...she looked amazing!
 How cute is this little pink baby, baby grand piano we saw in a store!?!?
 I love this...the 2 smallest ladies in our family playing the smallest piano together! A cousin duet! This was such an amazing get to be with my sister before she gets ready to welcome her new little lady into the world. I can't wait to get the call she's having her baby...and I can make her laugh and smile like she did when I was in labor! ha ha ha ha

This was a little slice of heaven day! And I miss her, I miss my niece and how when I asked my brother-in-law if there were any "fun stores" around where we were....he said, well "I only think golf stores and ice cream places are fun"....ha ha ha ha ha...I miss him too.

love from me and Ben Franklin, your kandee

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Muu's new products for 2012

Due to the tremendous success of the Ray Collection, Muu has introduced three new colors --Honey, Gray and Coffee. The Ray Dresser v2 has also been introduced, with color coordinated drawer fronts made from solid maple. All of these products will be available soon.

Britax tour to promote “What to Expect When You'’re Expecting

Britax is planning a nationwide tour to promote the new movie "“What to Expect When You’re Expecting". They will be holding events in 40 cities, where parents can talk to specialists, see products up close and even win prizes. To see if your city is on the list, go here. If not, Britax is also holding an online contest where participants could win one of 45 prize packages totaling more than $25,000. Fans are asked to visit or to enter. Each week, winners will be chosen at random. During the week of May 21st, two grand-prize winners will each win a prize package worth over $4,000 in BRITAX gear and cash.