Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish Line

This past fall Dr. Brown released their new Designed to Nourish toddler line, a new set of feeding and storage products designed to help parents create their baby food. Products included portioned plates, snack cups, training cups, bowls and utensils. Our blender, food masher, food storage pods and labels.

Now they've created their own blog of the same name. The Designed To Nourish Blog features recipes and nutritional information to help parents create the perfect baby and toddler food, using the new products. It's actually a very informative blog, full of long posts describing the benefits of certain foods at certain stages.

We here at Baby Chic 101 really love the Designed to Nourish Line products, especially the toddler cups. Here is a picture of one sitting on my friend's table. Looks so stylish next to the Boon Snack Ball.