Kind und Jugend - What we may see in the USA

Every year I go through the image base of Kind und Jugend and pick out stuff that I think will possibly end up in the US, given that we also carry these brands. Here are some cool photos of new products that were showcased this week.




Orbit - Looks like the Double Helix is a go after all. It appears to have gotten a bit smaller though. I'll have more info after ABC next month. If you look behind it, there's a new pink color pack on the strollers above.

Orbit - A new accessory for the Double Helix.

Mima - They aren't in the US, but I know a lot of people like them and they are trying to get here. Not sure what this is exactly, as I couldn't find a description. Looks like a highchair.

New colors for Babyhome's Dream Cot.

BabyHome - New Egg0 car seat, attached to the Emotion stroller.

Infantino Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line - This just came out in the US.

Inglesina Trilogy

Britax Affinity