Oh Christmas Show, O Christmas Show...

 We had front row, or actually anywhere you could find free space to stand, seats for Alani's Christmas Show at school.
Ellie was dressed the fanciest and insisted on wearing her santa hat.
 Ellie's Outfit:
Gold boots- Targetta (target if you don't want to use the exotic sounding name, I made it)
Leggings) I can't remember but I wanna say Carter's or Old Navy...
Shirt- I can't remember at all, and I cut the scratchy tag out
Faux Furry Jacket- I think it's from Baby Gap
 This was the only time she wasn't running while I as trying to take her picture.
 Blaker cheering on Alani as she sang her two songs with all the other kids...they were so adorable.
Back to running again....then we headed to get goodies at Starbucks, at Blake's request. He loves the petit vanilla scones. We had a lovely time, soaking up sunshine in the cool air with our warm drinks. Then Ellie told me she went "poo poo" and it was time to go! ha ha ha
And don't be jealous of my photography skills here...yes I took this picture myself, today. I know, it's kinda awesome....ha ha ha ha I think my finger was like, "no, no more picture lady!"...

photoskills like a ninja, your kandee