It's VLOG-thursday! Hooray!

If you are a mom, or if someday you plan on being a will lose track of days, much like one of your grandparents..."what day is it?!?!"....

So, this week has been crazier than a room full of circus clowns...and I woke up thinking it was wednesday! Don't judge me, you know you've done that! ha ha ha

So I finally edited a NEW video for my "vlog" AKA Video Diary- randomness-mommy-vlog channel on the YOUTUBE!

Here's it is, it's the night after my skin doctor appointment, I went all crazy at Target buying fun things like Christmas Story "Lamp Leg" cookie cutters and kid-friendly chopsticks, and Swallowtail Bird Chip clips...that dollar section gets me every time!



And if you didn't see this, even thought it may put not "grossness fear" in your heart: CLICK THIS BAD BOY IF YOU DARE- I promise, you will never want to try make-up on in any store ever again!

I am giving myself a huge pat on the back for editing this video and getting it up...ha ha ha ha... I dont' know how people upload a "vlog" video everyday...maybe it's because they don't have kids, or have husbands that help them, ha ha ha ha ha

Hugs and lots of love and icing, your kandee