Munchkin - Nursery 2013

Munchkin won the Innovation Award this year for the new Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad. It's a tiny pad that easily fits under any crib mattress, with the on/off switch sticking out. It has two speeds, allowing the parent to customize the settings at any time.

The Light My Way Nightlight is fun for kids to carry and has a 20 minute timer to turn itself off.

Munchkin will also introduce a new deluxe mattress pad for all standard cribs.

The same pillow padding is also available as a changing pad.

They will also introduce a more standard pad with liners.

Another new addition to their nursery line is their swaddling blanket, called the Swaddle Angel. It's a wearable swaddle blanket that allows for free arms and it comes in 3 patterns.

Here it is on the baby doll.

This stroller blanket is VERY cool because it provides two hooks on one end to attach it to the handle. No other stroller blanket has this.

Burp Cloths.

Some more traditional Swaddle Blankets.