This might be my strangest (but awesome) post ever!

Ok, this might be incredibly weird to you or incredibly is for sure probably the "weirdest" blog topic I have written about, but it's kind of amazing I just wanted to share.

Did you know you can be turned into a diamond once you die?!?

But I just found a site , where you can turn your loved ones ashes into diamonds! I saw a fact that said: "Did you know you when someone dies, you can turn their ashes into a diamond!?!"...I doubted it and googled away and lo and behold, I found all kinds of sites that do it!

Before you think this is totally weird....I read the testimonials of wives and husbands who had lost their spouse, and they turn their ashes into a diamond and wear it in a setting in their wedding ring...well it just made me want to cry.

I think it's awesome because: how precious is that loved one in your heart, and how precious, beautiful and sparkling is a diamond...
that you can take the ashes of your loved one and turn ashes into a diamond is, pretty, well just amazing.

It might also seem weird, just because well it's ashes, but how much more awesome is  that instead of just having a bunch of ashes in an urn!?!

If you think this is weird, yeah I hear ya, but if you've lost someone you love, it might not seem so weird.

If you think this is awesome OR want to know how they do is the website: LifeGem

I just think it's pretty amazing, that once our souls have gone onto heaven, our bodies can be turned into diamonds....yes, weird, but kinda awesome!

I want to be a sparkling diamond when I die, ha ha ha your Kandee