Sunday Smackdown...

Ellie riding high in a biggest shopping cart Target has to offer. I don't know why but it just looks so funny to me!
My weekends go by tooooooooo fast. I need them to be 4 days long.
It's usually a blur of errands, grocery shopping, and well, on Saturday all I did was try, the key word is TRY, to film a couple videos.

Ellie woke up from her nap in the middle of my video, so she makes an appearance half way through! ha ha ha
Me: taking a very classy, bathroom picture in BEST BUY...I was going to instagram it, because I thought that'd be funny, #BESTBUYBATHROOM, but I didn't do it.
 Who need ruby red slippers when you can have, hot pink glitter shoes...these were on the clearance aisle at Target, as some lil' lady fell in love.
 Me eating a English Toffee bar at Whole Foods after I was healthy and got avocado/cucumber sushi (totally all non-fish) and some brocolli-crunch salad.....then I ate the non-healthy toffee bar! ha ha

STORES WE  WEEKENED WARRIOR-ed: we hit up the, skate shop AT&T store, Best Buy (2 actually, because the first one didn't have what I was lookin' for),  I had to go look for a dress to wear to my friend's wedding- no luck, then the 2nd BEST BUY, Target, and lastly Whole Foods.

I dont' know why, but my least favorite part is when you bring all the groceries home and need to put them away. ha ha ha

And I'm off to go upload a new video....brightening up Mondays anyway I can,
10,000 monday hugs, your kandee