Boon 2013

Boon had several new products for 2013 that were shown at ABC.

The Fresh is a portable diaper changer. The sloped and contoured design with foam pad comfortably cradles baby during diaper changes. The slip-resistant base and two anchor straps provide secure positioning on a dresser top. Fresh features an overhead toy hook to help keep baby’s hands up and out of the way.

The Clutch is a dishwasher basket with a unique clam shell design that prevents the basket from tipping, making loading and unloading easy and far less frustrating. Holds up to 6 large or 14 small nipples, and additional bottle parts.

The Orb is a sphere-shaped bottle warmer that steam heats bottles and baby food efficiently and effectively without hotspots. The warming chamber fits most bottle types and includes a basket for baby food jars, a graduated tube for measuring water to be steamed and an integrated auto-off feature once heating is complete.

Pulp is a mesh-free teething feeder that allows baby to self-feed on fruits and vegetables through small holes in the soft silicone. It can even be used with frozen food for teething infants.

Scrub is a bottle brush that features angled bristles to make cleaning top and bottom corners of cups and bottles easy. One end is the brush, while the other end is a nipple cleaner.

Hitch is the best way to keep baby’s pacifier off the floor and within easy reach. Its flexible ring attaches easily to most pacifiers, while the one-handed plastic clip firmly attaches to clothing

Some new colors for 2013.