Catchy Latchy Lovey

 This idea is brilliant!
If you've ever had a sleeping baby, toddler, or anyone who sleeps...
OR you have someone in your house that loudly opens and shuts doors- it is just drives you bonk-bonk-kers!
This is brilly-brilly-ante! The LATCHY CATCHY- just look with your beautiful eyes at the coolness of this...
 All I have to say is- L to the OVE it!
You will blow the minds of people at baby showers with this...they will think you are the baby-gift-giving-guru!
And they come in tons of cute patterns- on trend and loves, or as I typed that incorrectly the first go round....le moves.

CLICK THIS BABY to see the LATCHY CATCHY store on  Etsy!

off to go try to be a sound-ninja and try to open and shut the door with a sleeping baby because I don't have one of these, YET!!!

quietly typing... your kandee

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