Gettin Ready for Back To School Craft Time, baby!

 I have a few ideas for "back to school organization" I headed on over to a little bit of happiness, known as Michael's Craft Store.....
I also like that I cut the "T" off, so it looks like "He Arts and Craft Store".
As you can see I bought, glitter tape, a giant paint brush, some letters for the kids initials, some polka dot goodies....and more, but I couldn't fit in all in the picture....
BUT....if my project comes out semi-like-i-envision-it.....
I will be posting my "back-to-school-craftiness" for sure.

I'm trying to design an "after-we-come-home-from-school"- where to put homework, backpacks, all the papers they send home...and have a "back to school dinner party" for my precious ones headed to school!

And if you have a Michael's near you, you have to get the Michael's App for your phone...there is a coupon there time with the sale in the store and the 40% coupon on my app, I got like 90% off- it was almost free! ha ha ha ha (I somehow had accidentally deleted my app, and had to was waiting for it to hurry up and download in line yesterday- ha ha ha)

Apps and Crafts, kandee

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