Milk and Cookies and Way Out-Numbered!

 Last night...Blakey who seems to be way out-numbered by girls....forced to sit at my niece's table in a pink velvet chair..ha ha ha
 I love how all the girls have some sort of pink on! Cousins at play- Sydney, Ellie and Alani...having girl time!
And our newest, Sleeping Beauty...lil' Audrey...made it home with my sister from the Hospital. My sister and baby are now safe and cozy and home...we watched lil' Sydney, so my sister could get some extra rest...
we celebrated our cousin-slumber-party with milk and cookies in bed!!!

we had the happiest lil' slumber party....cookies, movies, and lots of giggling! ha ha ha ha

milk and cookies and girls outnumbering boys in our family, kandee

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