What's is in MY GROCERY BAGS!

 come with me....
into my kitchen
because we're about to see what I gots in me GROCERY BAGS (man if I hit the "v" instead of "c" and typed "GROVERY" one more time....I was gonna....get real mad like!)

#1. Peeps be aksin' me to do a "grocery store haul" or a "what's in your grocery bags" video for a while...so yesterday after we returned home from our food shopping adventure at TRADER JOE'S, I thought....it's time.

#2. This is NOT my "real" grocery shopping trip - this was just stopping for "snack food and requests from Jordan" (who is a teenager and eats SOOOOO much food!). I really only went in to buy some MILK and left with wayyyyy more! ha ha ha I do my "real" grocery shopping at Whole Foods- because their fruits and veggies are wayyy better.

#3. Uh, I really don't have something to type for #3....so I'll just stop typing and let you start watching....
On with the show....or video or videy-show....

off to go make our Kale smoothies...because I always have kale...ha ha ha
grocery bags, kandee