Maclaren Situation Update

Maclaren sent me a statement last night on the post we did yesterday. It's very similar to the one they sent to Baby Gizmo and other sites. I'll post it here if you haven't read it yet. Good News: They are staying in the USA.

"Please be assured that Maclaren Group is a fully operational organization. To clear the confusion, the specific details reported in Daddy Types do not relate to Maclaren Group. Here are the facts for your reference:

· American Baby Products, formerly known as Maclaren USA, was a third party distributor for Maclaren branded products in the US market.

· American Baby Products lost the rights to distribute Maclaren products, and the right to use the Maclaren name, in the Fall of 2010.

· American Baby Products filed for Chapter 7 in December, 2011.

· Maclaren, as a brand, changed its distribution strategy over the past years moving from third party distributors to distribution within the Maclaren group, allowing Maclaren to better ensure management of its products and its brand.

· Maclaren is one global company which controls its distribution, following a common trend within the retail industry.

· Today the Maclaren brand is unified worldwide. All 2012 products feature a single Global Safety Standard, which means that Maclaren buggys around the world will meet and exceed even the highest safety standards mandated anywhere in the world.

· Within its industry Maclaren, by far, has the most comprehensive and highest level of safety standards around the world.

I hope this reassures you that all is well on our end"