Friday Night At The Urgent Care: FUN

 Yesterday, my ear started hurting...
I tried a few remedy tricks and nothing was helping...
Then the pain started getting really, extra, bad.
Then I couldn't really hear out of my ear.
Then it kept getting worse...
and even though I do not like going to hospitals...
I said, I think I've gotta go to the Urgent Care...
so off we went....
And since we have to fly today I was worried about my eardrum exploding in the altitude pressure!
-and we waited in this room-
After all the looking, the doctor saw some blood in my middle ear, he said it looked like ear damage, but I have no clue how that would happen- I didn't stick anything in my ear!

I still can't hear out of my hear.
There is a really annoying echo in my ear.
I have ear drops- which I totally can't stand things in my ear, it feels like water is in my ear- yuck!
But, it doesn't feel like a knife is stabbing the side of my head anymore- I'll take a weird echo over stabbing pain any day! ha ha ha

And we made friends in the waiting room, and were all laughing...and after all, laughing is the best medicine!

If you don't make someone laugh, at least smile at them to make them smile!
"Smile and the whole world might smile with you!"
huge hugs from me and my echoey ear , kandee