Mimijumi is not your average baby bottle. Created in 2008 by Dr. Frank Drummond (an American psychiatrist) and Lukas Scherrer (a Swiss designer), Mimijumi is the second project the duo has worked on. The first was a simple cell phone, the Bazile, made for elderly users. Their next project: Babies.

After reading a number of complaints from new parents concerning the look of a bottle and the materials used to make it, the pair decided to design a bottle using a Swiss nylon that was free of phthalate, estrogen and BPA. Then came the perfect silicone for a skin-like nipple in Germany.

Finally last year saw the birth of the Very Hungry 8-ounce bottle, which has done very well in trendy stores around the USA. Boutiques such as Petit Tresor, Lester Harry's and Village Maternity all carry Mimijumi. Their new 4-ounce bottle that just hit stores.