The Cybex Callisto

Recently, we tried out my friend's brand new Cybex Callisto (this is the new 2011 one) and it was a great stroller experience. First off, it was a breeze to put together. This is important because I have spent hours on other strollers and this one took less than ten minutes. Basically it came like this:

And after adding the wheels, unfolding it and pulling the paper off, we had this whole stroller.

The seat cushion is extra soft and thick and the canopy is just huge. My favorite part though is the metal frame that supports the under-the-seat basket. That of course keeps stuff inside from dragging across the ground. Folding was easy, as was locking the wheels. The Callisto has some great, thick knobs for this.

The carrycot is great. It basically came put together and only required a part below the mattress to be locked into place. The clips to attach it to the stroller are very easy to use as well.

In order to attach the carrycot, you must remove the seat. This is actually very easy to do by pulling two tabs under the seat out. They are connected to the stroller on each side rail. Once the seat is off, the attachments and the carrycot fit right on.

The carrycot has a great mattress. It's very thick and comfortable. The hood is also very large, just like the stroller. It's not all the way extended in this photo though, as there wasn't a great deal of sun.

The tester really enjoyed the benefit carrycot as opposed to her regular car seat attached to her other stroller. She thought her son slept better in this as he was able to stretch out and not be belted into a small space. This also led to less gas, which is always a good thing.

Lots of celebrity parents love Cybex too. In fact, it's a brand that is growing in popularity in Hollywood. This past year, the Cybex was seen quite a bit.